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Europe but throughout the world. There is
sound reason for doubting the alleged vast
increase of the Russian people (see Souvarine's
Stalin). Nevertheless, because of the continually
increasing efficiency of productive methods, the
relative pressure of this new unemployed class
increases. The " mob " of the twentieth century
is quite different from the almost animal " mob "
of the eighteenth century. It is a restless sea of
dissatisfied young people, of young women who
no longer bear children and young men who can
find no outlet for their natural urgencies and
ambitions, young people quite ready to cc make
trouble " as soon as they are shown how.
In the technically crude past, the illiterate
Have-nots were sweated and overworked. It
was easy to find toil to keep them all busy.
^Such surplus multitudes are wanted no more.
Toil is no longer marketable. Machines can toil
^better and with less resistance.
These frustrated multitudes have been made
acutely aware of their own frustration. The gap
of their always partly artificial disadvantage has
been greatly diminished because now they all
read. Even for incidental employment it has
been necessary to teach them that, and the new
reading public thus created has evoked a press
and literature of excitement and suggestion. The